Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

hissing and growling at every cat he sees.

time to write again.

Cheeky Hummingbird got into a fight with a larger bird today. And won. I was impressed, as was Evie, who wanted to eat both, just for good measure. Cheeky Hummingbird has been harassing her since she got here. Me, too. It dive bombs us. It has seen too much Hitchcock.

Outlook wants me to reinstall it. I looked up why my junk filters weren't working and that was the ultimate answer. What a pain in the ass. Can Microsoft make software work? Can they do that? Do they have the technology? Or are they just faking it?

I cleaned through my earlier discontentment. Then i lay down for an hour and then doc came home and we talked and hung out for a while and he went to bed.

Chewy is literally heartbroken that he can't get out anymore. when he comes out with me, he just sits on the doormat and stares at me sadly. in a couple of weeks, i'll put the cam on him and let him out for a run. but the daily escapes have stopped.

wow, doc went to bed an hour late. oh, well he went over to N's for a while. He needs his social life. and he'll be okay for work. I made him a whiskey and lime for a nightcap. I like it when he lets me make his drinks.

Jesus! Freddie is in the kitchen, howling at her blue sparkly ball. Major is in my room, howling at nothing. And Lelu is in the room across from doc's howling, for what reason I couldn't say. how doc can sleep through this racket is beyond me. of course, he could be about to burst from his room, hissing and growling at every cat he sees.

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