Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

they multiply.

yesterday's feeling of desperation has left me. and my teeth don't hurt right now. you would think i'd be in a good mood. but no. i'm in a sick-of-all-of-doc's-little-flaws-and-tics mood. lucky for him, he's asleep. instead of being obnoxious and bitchy about it, i'm going to clean up everything i can, and then try to enlist his help when he gets up. his laundry is all over and there is no end of paper. old mail, new mail, coupons, sale ads. it's all got to go.

for my part, i need to clean the boxes out of the corner of the dining room. and start to clean out the mudroom. we want to set that up for foster kitties. and i'm sure i could clean the kitchen more. there is clutter i have been ignoring that needs to be dealt with. so i have my own things to do. move my shoes to my room, and my hip pouch. put the dog's sweater away for the summer. put the space heater in the garage. so i have things i can do while he sleeps. not a problem. then i can show him what i've done and it will prompt him to do his stuff.

okay, he's snoring. nothing will wake him up now. i'm going to go to work and get this house clean. we're here for another year and i want it finally put together and looking nice all the time. in spite of the animal toys all over the floor. there is just no avoiding that. they multiply.

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