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Lots and lots of outback.

what to say . . . what to say . . .

the sun is going down behind the thick clouds. the clouds are singing of rain, but not actually delivering. But we are under a flash flood watch until 9. And the weather gadget on my desktop has the neat little rain graphic. The best news is that though the humidity is up in the 30% region, it is only 86 lovely degrees outside. Chewy and i have spent a lot of time out there today.

I don't know what he will do when it's time to go for a walk tonight and i just let him in the backyard. he didn't walk this morning and peed out back, so maybe he will be good with it.

Pupadopolous, greek god of licking. that's my Chewy.

i took him out and hosed him off with cool water today and he came in and got doc all wet. it was wonderful fun. he ran around (Chewy, not Doc), nuzzling all the cats to help dry off. they all ran from him.

It's nearly time to get doc up for the night. I'm ready. I got up at 5. I even got to call Kelli and talk to her. Her frustration level has gone down, so my guilt at not being there has gone down. though i really wish . . .

Not only does Sandy Valley suck up all our rain and spit it back out in the washes, it snows there sometimes, too. Sandy Valley my ass. There's a community here called Deer Creek. With no sign of Deer and no sign of a Creek. The streets near us are named "Tarkin", "Skywalker", and "Vader". they are within walking distance. there may be more star wars names there, but it's a gated community. the people who named the streets out here had a sense of whimsy.

i ended up taking Chewy for a walk. he still didn't "go circles" (poop). he's afraid of the back yard, i figured out today. i think it has to do with his really bad eyesight. the yard is too big for him to see the boundaries of. so i'll be putting him on the leash and leading him around the yard tomorrow regularly to get him used to it. when i tried to do it today, he led me his secret way back to the fence where he used to get out. looked at it, looked at me, and sat down and stared at it. not a good start. he is acting so betrayed.

his only interest in outside right now is the cat food. so he's staying inside. Billy still has to come and eat. Bagira has had his fill and Evie ate inside today.

Do sororities still have house mothers? Fraternities don't, and they need them. i watch old college movies on TMC and the frat always has a house mother that cooks meals for them and keeps things clean and keeps them in line. Frats would be so much cooler if they still had that. they wouldn't be drunken rape houses, at least.

i have no idea what made me think of that. i never think about fraternities or sororities. and i usually turn the old college movies off after a half an hour. even old frats are frats. the same grecco-roman homoerotic super manly vibe going on. they were just more polite about it and generally quieter about it than they are now.

Why am I watching Almost Royal? I guess there must be nothing else on. Doc picked the channel while i was out walking the dog. i think wrestling came on the channel we were watching while i was out. scary stuff. i can't believe i used to watch it and follow it with Mike. I further can't believe i went to an autograph signing and three live wrestling events with him. what was i thinking?

Some people were talking about a fat, useless blob that was getting demoted at work today and when doc looked over to see who they were talking about, it was Mike. LOL. he doesn't get involved in gossip, but some people think cubicles are sound proof. he doesn't get involved with any of his co-workers. it has bitten him in the ass every time. the people he works with are unstable. that's why they are on the weirdest overnight shift ever created. Doc is just on it to avoid the daylight corporate climbers and general annoyances.

doc brought me home a frozen mexican dinner the other day and i had it tonight. there was one enchilada in about a cup of sauce, so i mixed the sauce with the beans and rice and it was amazing. i want him to get more. tomorrow is the last day of the sale. i could eat nothing but that and the roast beef sandwiches i have in the fridge in a bag. for a while.

in the Anne Rice book I'm reading, she has introduced several new vampires. She has killed one off, so far, and I wonder what she is going to do with the rest of them, if we will see them again. she needs to write more, i'm catching up to her. by the time Prince Lestat comes out, i will be caught up and ready for it. and i have so many questions that one book cannot possibly answer. it's time she got down to it. she made two fascinating vampires in "Blackwood Farm" that I would love to hear the adventures of. one of them was a Mayfair witch. I really want to know more about her. I could really care less about her companion. It's really the female vampires that captivate me. Their new-found strength and fearlessness in a world of crass men fascinates me. it makes me envious.

I went to film my albino lizard, but he disappeared on me when i went to get my camera. i will start taking my camera out with me when i go outside so i don't miss any more chances. i want to get more film of Zeus, too. and of Chewy discovering the yard. Though that seems impossible now, i will find a way. maybe when i hose him tomorrow i will let him off his leash and let him do his running around the yard instead of the house until he dries.

I'm watching Top Gear: Australia. It's not as good as the UK version. Lots and lots of outback.

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