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Cydniey Buffers

"thunder and lightning, very, very frightening . . ."

Not really. Loud and bright, but not scary. It rained buckets in a few short minutes. the patio is all flooded and my plants are all watered. i had just watered the basil.

the animals aren't even scared. Evie and Felix went out into it. Felix is likely in the garage next door, Evie in our garage, waiting it out. The rest of the cats are doing their cat thing and Chewy is deciding whether he needs to pee badly enough to go out in the rain. he hates the rain. i don't mind taking him for a walk in it. it will be nice and cool, compared to the stifling humidity we've had today.

if you haven't seen (Repeated Message) Bohemian Rhapsody by the Muppets on youtube, you haven't lived. and you have to watch the whole thing. there is a punch line at the end. The Animal part, "Mama?" is my email notification. i love that version of the song. Even the Ma-na Ma-na guys are in it.

by the end of this week, i will be able to hang out with my dog outside without him being on a lead. i'm so happy. when i go outside to smoke or garden or play with the cats, he just sits at the door, staring out at me. he wants to go out and play with the cats. and they like to play with him in the yard, they let him chase them all around.

Vader has been using his claws when he smacks Chewy, which is bad. He makes Chewy yelp. And he has a scratch on his mouth now. Vader just doesn't know his own strength. he doesn't realize a pow from his unclawed paw would be more than sufficient. Lelu smacks Chewy with no force whatsoever and he gets the hint.

if you've seen the youtube video "Stop Chewing on Your Sister" on the Circus Catimus channel, you have seen that Chewy chomps on Teeny's thighs. She's started doing the same thing to him. he doesn't like it as much as he assumes she does.

Doc got up from a near nap today and got me cola and take out. he is such a god. he is so nice to me when i'm nice to him and not being crazy. we still have this conflict where he keeps telling me to stop rocking back and forth or bouncing my legs. both things make me feel much better emotionally, and i have to suppress myself when he's around.

Lightning with no thunder. what does that mean? it lights up the western sky almost constantly. i can see the shadows of the cypress trees and how badly they need to be cut.

i have candles set up on the coffee table in case the power goes out. i also have a boatload of flashlights. one in every room. a flashlight and a smoke detector, in every room. we can't get out the windows in case of fire, we have to go out the doors, but it's good to be safe. and smoke detectors in every room ensures we are alerted to any fire in time to get out and get the animals out. probably not enough time to get our stuff out, but we and the animals are all that matters.

gardening. i garden. doc studied the density of my wildflower sprouts and pronounced i would lose about 90% to over crowding. it was an experiment. i expected rampant death, i'm just hedging my bets.

i think i was grinding my teeth in my sleep. the whole right side of my jaw is killing me. i'm waiting for pain reliever to kick in. it wasn't the food that did it, it was all soft. and i brushed my teeth today. my gums didn't bleed. my gums have bled since i was a child. that may be one reason i hate brushing my teeth, mouth full of blood each time.

Doc's off to work. I have the night of dismal TV ahead of me. I think i'm going to watch Burn Notice on the laptop. tonight was a truck night, not a scooter night. 30 mph winds and intermittent rain. that's kind of like going out on the road with a death wish on a scooter. people in the rain here drive like batshit crazy. and i'm not exaggerating. there are studies and surveys out there that confirm it. they drive into fast moving water, they jump into rushing washes. fucking idiots in the rain here.

Chewy has weighed his options, and decided to stay in until tomorrow morning. good dog. the last thing i want is to have to drag him down the street on his leash with all of his scents washed away from the rain. traumatic for both of us. tomorrow morning he can make new marks with his daddy. doc walks him all over, keeps him guessing. but i worry that he's getting Chewy too familiar with stuff that's far away or dangerous (Palm and Rawhide Roads).

we are thinking of fostering nursing cats and their broods for the Animal Foundation. the only thing i have to work out is someone, there must be a volunteer who lives near here, to bring me the kitties and take them back when they're ready. we want to help the Animal Foundation to save lives, their kill rate is through the roof. But they get 110 cats a day. and they just got another 100 from a hoarder. we can't adopt any more, and we have no money to give. i can't volunteer, because i can't get there. so fostering seems the best way we can help. doc is open to it. we'll clean the boxes out of the mudroom and set up a box for the mother and kittens in a corner away from the other cats. then we'll have kittens jumping all over the house for a few weeks. and we can do it over and over again.

Oh, lordy, Kevin Costner in Robin Hood is on BBC Abmerica. I am morally obligated to watch that movie. I just missed Waterworld. I can't believe it was on today and i missed it. I liked Jar Jar Binks, too.

I think we're going to the luxury theater to see the new Helen Miram movie. The theater has a bar and couches. Seems a perfect place to see a movie. hopefully they play it.

aw, the storm is over. bummer. they are calling for more valley wide storms tomorrow. i can't wait.

i made a fresh pot of coffee for doc and didn't have any myself. the coffee cut-back is going really well. and i'm sleeping so much better for it. ionracas told me so, she did. and i didn't listen. and that was over a year ago. it may well have been while her son was still a wee thing. wisdom. irish wisdom, don't ignore it if you're lucky enough to get it.

ooh, my weather gadget icon just switched over to a lightning picture. cool. it's about time i go out and smoke a cigarette, since things have calmed down.

i say her name in that special accent she loves
but she can't hear it.
she stays in the kitchen in the place where she eats
because she can't hear me call her to meals
she's always been stand-offish,
but sometimes she comes to me and
lets me pet and fuzzle and cuddle her.
my precious, sweet, beautiful
Leeloo Dallas, Multi-cat.

that's been brewing in me for a couple of days. short and sweet. i could make it longer if i worked at it, and maybe i will. it's about time i started writing poetry again, but on my own terms, not for contests. it was challenging to make my ideas fit into someone else's construct, but i proved i could do it on a variety of subjects, including devotion to a god i don't believe in. the poetry was becoming too much fiction. that's not the poet i am.

maybe i'll take all the poetry i wrote for contests for and publish them in a volume called, "Disingenuous". it will be a chapbook. there were only thirty or so of them. that reminds me of my to do list. on top is "Edit books". i have 6 i'm working on. only one of which is still being published in its original form. That's "Stop Poking Me, Lady".

I'm still working on finding a site to affordably publish my Circus Catimus pictures. Doc finally looked at the book i did put out of them, and thought everything was great except the layout of one page, which was awkward, and i hadn't noticed it. so i'll watch that in the arrangement of the next book.

he's got these wide brown eyes
and this wiry brown fur
with soft, silky ears
that perk up when he hears his name.
he barks at the strange cats
in the back yard, coming to eat.
he sleeps cuddled up next to me,
always kissing me good night.
his tail wags when i say
any of his many names to him.
He's my saviour, my soul
He's my comfort and contentment
He's my Chewbacca.

i'm turning into a cat lady. i'm writing poems about my animals now.

American Dad is just strange tonight. Thought I'd metion that.

I went out to smoke and sit and stare at my lantana blooms while the show ended. now the weather guy is showing us heavy showers on the radar and saying 20% chance of rain. i am so confused. the 6pm news didn't even talk about what was going to happen, they just talked about what had happened all day. i'm watching a different channel now. ooh, more lightning.

so doc took a bag of frozen fish out of the freezer the other day, thinking it was chicken. he left it on the counter on a plate to thaw. when he discovered, mainly because of the pervasive smell, what had happened, he put it back. in the process, spilling fish juice into the rug in the kitchen. so the house reeked of fish, even after he cleaned it up. and i was sitting here, not wanting to burn more incense, thinking to myself, if only there was a product that took smells away. Duh. We have like three bottles of febreeze in the mudroom cabinet. so i sprayed that all over the house and now it just smells clean. once the floral wears away, you just get clean. it's wonderful. everyone should have some.

okay, it's late for me and i'm tired. have a nice night.
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