Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

does anyone else narrate their own lives in their head in real time?

i can't shake this feeling of desperation today. i tried a hot, relaxing bubble bath and my current read, and it didn't help. i couldn't even stay in the tub as long as i normally do.

sitting outside is nice. if it weren't so hot, i would take a nap out there. but if doc caught me in this heat, he would strangle me. or at least talk about it. hee.

i'm keeping myself awake, but i don't know for how long. i may nap some more. i really don't have anything to do. i could play with pictures, but i'm not feeling at all creative and i'm afraid the time would be wasted on mediocre results.

desperation, hopelessness. i don't know why. it's been a great weekend. time to increase my meds. i will discuss that with the doctor when i see him next month.

doc started doing the fencing today. we still have holes to patch to keep Chewy in, but the hard part is done. I didn't even know he was doing it.

i had a nice dream, or series of dreams, this morning. i was working in a restaurant and it was a good dream, i was having fun. i kept waking up, remembering parts of it, and then going back to sleep and continuing it. doc told me Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares was on the whole time i was asleep. so that explains that.

the sky is blue over us, no clouds to be seen. but we keep getting national weather service alerts on the TV because it's raining hard on the other side of the valley. so unfair. we got like, a dozen drops yesterday. light clouds, mostly blue sky, thunder, lightning, and twelve drops of rain.

i suppose it's easier to believe in climate change when you're living in a drought zone.

wow, looking at these "paragraphs", my thoughts are really fragmented. it makes it hard to write in here.

does anyone else narrate their own lives in their head in real time?

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