Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i think the one of Chewy is particularly handsome.

i planted the wildflowers yesterday afternoon. this morning, i have sprouts in every container i planted them in. i'm so happy! little green sproutlings popping out of the soil. i'm keeping the soil moist with multiple waterings throughout the day. i really want these to work out. i think it would be cool to have pots of wildflowers scattered on the patio. and after a couple of weeks, if they are still doing well, i will plant the rest in the back yard in my section.

we got the lease renewal. no increase in rent. one more year. YAY! we're putting the fence up this weekend so Chewy can come out with me and stop getting away.

i know this narrative isn't complete without an actual peek into my life, so here's some pictures from the last day.

basil, still doing good

my single surviving bean sprout

Chewy, with his whiskers trimmed

Chewy, trying to kill me in my sleep

yesterday's sunset, which was quite spectacular.

much later . . .

i went out this afternoon and looked at the wildflower sprouts and there were so many more than this morning! I made sure they were all moist for the heat of the day so they survive.

i'm so happy we're staying here at least another year. and i'm even happier that they didn't raise the rent on us. that would have eaten up doc's recent raise. now that's money we can put away.

very soon, doc is taking me to the medicaid office to apply. if and when i get it, i am going to a dentist, having the rest of my teeth removed and getting a full set of dentures. enough fucking around with pride and shit. it isn't like they are going to grow back. i have to grow up and face the real life consequences of not taking care of my teeth/taking SSRIs for years/smoking heavily. and then do something about it. i think i've cleared the last mental hurdle to doing this. and now it can finally happen.

the sooner i get my dentures sorted, the sooner i can practice talking with them and eventually go out and perform again.

i'm so bored. doc is out running errands, but will be home soon, so i can't get into anything on the computer. NCIS is on but i am beyond bored with TV. i should brush a cat. i hate brushing cats. the fur gets up my nose.

enjoy the pictures. i think the one of Chewy is particularly handsome.

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