Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

painfully so.

oh wow, i haven't written anything today.

I had a weird night, doc was home and i wanted to be up with him. so i slept until midnight with him and then got up until sunup. I slept through today's "long afternoon". It's almost 6 already.

Since i never got around to planting my wildflowers on the dirt yard, i filled my empty pots with them this morning. which reminds me, i have to go water them again. Okay, done. I don't know if it's too late to grow them, but i'm going to try.

my lantana bloom has three yellow flowers surrounding the little magenta buds. i'm trying to get a good picture of it. doc's cam keeps focusing on the leaves, as do mine. i'll figure it out.

i finally made mac and cheese today. it was great. even with 2% milk instead of half and half. my oven runs too hot, and the sauce broke. so it wasn't as creamy as i would have liked, but for doc and I, it was great.

Castle is an xmas episode, i miss xmas. ever since the tree came down, things have not been the same.

Mr. Sketch markers are back! The ones that are scented! Imagine what they can do with the scent technology now that they couldn't when we were kids and first had them.

We ran out of cat food so Zeus hasn't been around today. Even Bagira and Evie have bugged out. I can't find any of them to let them in. none of them are in the yard. Not even Bagira.

I moved my basil into mostly shade today. the heat is taking its toll. More shade is about all i can do. and lots of water.

Unlike on Tv or in the movies, my laptop has wires and cables coming out of it. The cats love to rub against the wires. As soon as you dissuade one, there is another rubbing against them. It's crazy.

There's a "performance artist" who is live blogging weaning herself off her anti-depressants and anti-psychotics. i did that years ago. it's all here. i guess i should have called myself a performance artist. yes, i'm jealous. painfully so.

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