Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


okay, i'm up. i lay down at 1 for a couple of hours and the next thing i knew, it was five.

i have coffee, cola and water in front of me. i'm covering all the bases because i am not awake enough yet to know what the hell i want.

i had a ham sandwich and red beans and rice today, it was good. i used up the rest of my ham. i have to make room in the fridge and make some home made mac and cheese. it's been a few months since i had some. i even have bacon to put in it.

i still haven't judged those two poetry contests from january on it's been so long. i can't bring myself to go there. anyone want to do that for me? one is spoken word, and the other is political. it won't be that hard. i just can't even.

i can't stop crying. not just eyes and nose running, but real crying, and i don't know why. not break down sobbing, but enough that it's annoying as all get out.

Teeny just sauntered by with a wrapped tampon in her mouth. I knew she ran off with at least one. Got it back. The last thing I need is her finding a way to open it and shredding cotton all over some room of the house.

it's almost time to close the blinds. i'm putting it off until the last second today because i am enjoying the view out into the yard. there are no cats playing, as it's 104 and they're all in here, stretched out on the tile.

i have to make coffee and stuff cigarettes. I have a little over an hour. I think i can accomplish that.

Lelu is okay. She has a small tear on her gums from the collar and the tooth she lost. But it's not bled since the incident and she is eating just fine. I was so worried about her. A white cat with blood all over her face and paws is a startling sight.

my bruises on my legs are spawning new bruises. i wish i knew what i kept running into. i thought it looked bad, but once I shaved my legs, without the hair hiding it, they look awful against my white swedish skin.

I remembered to get the mail! nothing but junk, but I remembered! Doc incrementally gives me things to do throughout the day. My first challenge was what to do at the beginning of the day. Which I ended up making a list for. Now my challenge is to have things during the day to remember and do. It's hard. I often forget the mail. Mostly forget the mail.

today's cluster of bites is around my left ankle. itchy!

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