Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

yes, a bath it is.

my lantana in the back yard, in the pot on the table, is blooming! just one bloom, but blooming! it's Cydniey-proof.

my body is rejecting all tampons. i'm really tired of this monthly cycle bullshit. i'll take an unprovoked erection in math class any day over this mess.

I was on the phone with Kelli and Lelu came in with her mouth and front paws all covered in blood. She had gotten her collar caught in her mouth (I don't know how, it wasn't at all loose on her) and lost a tooth and bled and spit all over herself. I took the collar off, washed her mouth out (that was fun) and cleaned her paws off. They're still pink. I hope it wasn't one of her fangs she lost, but I fear it was. She's hiding now. I'll check her when she comes out again. Poor Lelu.

i renewed our Netflix membership. Now we can return the movie we have and get another. and i can stream again. or, rather, doc can stream again. i've never really watched anything. i've started watching things, but gotten bored and shut them off. i don't know that we can cancel amazon prime. they charge us once a year, at the end of our service. i'll have to have doc look into it.

I think maybe I'll take a bath. I don't know whether to read Roman history or Anne Rice. I guess i'll finish the Anne Rice first. it would feel good to soak in hot water and then get out into the cold air. yes, a bath it is.

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