Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

On Your Butt

it's too early to call Kelli. she's still at work.

i've been up since my regular time, 5-ish. i haven't taken a nap this morning, and i don't know if i'm going to.

i want a bacon and cheese sandwich. the pans are all clean. i should do that. that sounds like a much better lunch than the ice cream bar i just had with caramel sauce.

i just sorted through a few hundred pictures from the last few months. taking them out of their dated folders on the hard drive and putting them into topical folders on Blue Max. I have a lot of video footage to go through.

Fuck Amazon Prime and Kindle Unlimited. I just found the book I wanted, for free for Kindle, on I don't need either of them. It's a book on Roman History, up until 476 ad.

A little fresh coffee before I switch to decaffeinated tea. I slept for a few hours this afternoon, so i will likely stay up late tonight.

today's sticky key is brought to you by the letter "k". I'm realizing I don't use it that often. Better than the "s", that was a nightmare.

i talked to Kelli, she was on her way out with her sister. It's good she's going out. I would hate to think of her home moping. She's got a lot to mope about, but it doesn't make me feel any better.

I had that bacon and cheese sandwich, it was good. I didn't even feed the dog any. I did give him a bacon and cheese treat, though.

Billy got closer to me than ever today. He's getting used to me. Some day, he may approach me. I try to be habitual, and tell the cats what I'm doing when I go out. If I'm watering, I tell them to look out for the water, if I'm just going to smoke, and Billy is here, I tell them that and move slowly to the chair I sit on when smoking.

The time is flying again. This day has totally gotten away from me. there was nothing I planned to do today, I just thought I'd be aware of time passing more. I started this entry around 7 this morning. I've been adding to it throughout the day. and not by much, either. I just haven't had any thoughts. Lemme read this Roman History book, then I'll have plenty to say. I hope you're ready to hear the highlights of Roman history.

Chewy's up and ready for a walk. Doc's not up yet. Aw, he's snuggling up with Doc. How cute. Chewy, Chew-chew, Chewtoy, Chewbacca, Chews . . . my baby. oh yeah, can't forget, Pupadupolous. That's his Greek name.

He knows:

Chompy: a game we play when i pet him, he chews lightly on my hand, he also chews on my wrist to cheer me up when i'm sad
Be My Baby: curl up with me
Biscuit: milkbone
Treat: anything else edible besides his food
Drink Drink: take a drink of water
Noms: his food
On Your Butt: sit
Be Cool: lay down
Bitch Be Cool: roll over and show your stomach
Get Up: get up on the couch or chair
Get down: get off the couch or chair
Up-up: on your hind legs
Right Here: come to me
Get Out Of Here: go to the border of the kitchen
Fuck Off: back the fuck up
Walk-walk-walk: going for a walk
Where's Daddy?: go to your window peeking spot and look for Doc

Wow, he knows a lot. I never thought about all we'd taught him. We're trying to teach him "Turn Circles" - to poop. We're trying to associate pooping with good things, so when he poops on a walk, he gets a biscuit. He has to stop to eat it, but he doesn't seem to mind. He's a smart little dog. we're also trying to teach him "Get that cat" and "Ball". but he gets the cats on his own and he isn't interested in the ball most of the time.

Evie is the cleverest of the cats. She knows the most words. And meows when she understands. She knows when I say, "Really, Evie?" that whatever she is doing is bad. And she meows at me and stops what she's doing. She understands "in" and "out". and, for some reason, "breakfast". she only eats breakfast. that's the only meal she recognizes, even at sunset. she'll eat, but don't call her to "dinner".

Lelu is the hardest to communicate with because she's deaf now. She's 16 this year. Maybe older, i have to do the math on that. She knows two hand signals and one is to get down off the counter. the other is for her to come to us.

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