Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

it's too dark in here to do it now.

I lay down for an hour and a half and got about a half hour's sleep. i figure that's all i need right now, so i'm up. it's too hot in here to sleep. some parts of the day, the a/c only helps so much. once the sun goes down, it cools down in here. i actually sleep with a light blanket at night.

Evie is howling to go out. Actually sitting on the arm of the couch and looking at the ceiling and howling. Great, my dog thinks he's a cat and now my cat is acting like a wolf. "Evie, hush." "Meow" much more quietly. at least she understands English. or pretends to. Major understands his name and "Hush". He used to meow at me really loudly with doc sleeping in here. So i taught him "hush" in a hurry.

The air is so still, that's the problem. there's a small fan on the other side of the room, maybe i should turn on the ceiling fan in the dining room. i think i'll do that. cool, i even got it set to "medium" without a lot of problem.

i took pictures of my pitiful summer desert container garden, but i'm too embarrassed to post them. maybe i'll take better pictures that aren't so pitiful looking. Next year, i'll try with already sprouted and grown plants like i did with the basil and lantana. they are the only things still alive.

did i mention i brushed Simon the other day? his fur is so fucking beautiful when brushed. he wouldn't let me do the front of his neck or his belly, but he did let me do his tail, which was really tangled. now his tail is so soft, i can't help petting it. i drive him crazy with it because he doesn't really like his tail being touched. but it's so pretty!

wow, i've been up for an hour already. jeez. if i wasn't meant to be up, time would be crawling. i'm meant to be up, time is passing nice and normal, if not a bit fast.

kelli called me today. that means emergency. no one is hurt (yet). but things are bad, and once again i find myself just wanting to jump a plane and go buy my best friend a beer. and be there for her.

the one nice thing about the humidity is that my skin isn't flaking like usual. i use a really good lotion to stop it, but i slip sometimes and forget it until i look down at my arms. then i remember that i turn into a lizard here.

without animals piled on top of me, i've cooled off. funny how that works. i love my beasties, and my beasties love me. Even Major has taken to laying down with me on the couch or the bed. he doesn't stay long, but the laying down part was the hard thing to convince him was okay. now it's a fight between he, Chewy, Simon and Felix to see who sleeps at my belly and who takes other parts of me. Chewy is most obnoxious, so he usually wins. Sometimes Felix will sleep on top of Chewy so he can reach my face with his.

Right now it's nap time for everyone. Freddie is asleep outside Doc's closed door (to keep her out, she keeps him awake). Simon is on the arm of the new couch. Chewy is on Doc's velvet pillow on the new couch. Major is passed out behind me. So is Felix. Evie curled up in front of the sliding glass door and fell asleep. So everyone is having a rest. I'm sure Vader, Bagira and Lelu are laid out on the kitchen tile. Teeny is on the cat thing, sleeping upside down.

They're thinking of bringing on-demand car service here, it's about damn time. And trains, again, about time. I only live 15 minutes from the strip, no freeways involved, and it's still hard to get around out here. getting to the strip is easy. getting anywhere out here is fucked. that's why i hate taking the bus out here. i liked it in Pittsburgh. i lived in the city and the buses are easy in the city there. but in the "suburbs", public transportation is always lacking. and there are two big casinos a mile away, they should be directly connected to the strip somehow.

No weather. Hot and humid (for some reason the dew point is still in the 40's), but no wind or rain or other scooter impediments.

Oh, Chewy got out this morning, right before Doc came home. After he didn't come home for an hour and a half, Doc took his mountain bike out to look for him. He took the leash, too. He found Chewy, put the leash on him, and biked him around the neighborhood. Slowly. That's his new punishment. He runs away, when he gets back all tired, he gets a drink of water, and then it's back out on the leash for a real walk. With a stern talking-to. He knows, "You suck" and sits on his butt when he hears it. With his tail between his legs.

When he came around the corner with doc on the bike, he looked dead tired, but as soon as he saw me, he started pulling at the leash/bike/Doc. Then when he got in the house, he ran around like a monkey on meth. Panting the whole time.

6:30, time to feed Lelu and prepare the coffee to brew at 7.

Coffee was out, so i started it early. i need to drink more water. i've had two cups of coffee. i'll have two more, the one i'm drinking, well not all of that, and one fresh one. then i go back to Powerade. but water, i have been neglecting my water.

Doc bought me bleach for my hair, i need to do that. i haven't washed it because it says not to before you do it. but i keep putting it off. since my hair is pulled back each day, one doesn't notice how greasy it is. but now it's starting to itch. maybe i'll do my hair tomorrow. i'll have to straighten it first or it will be a big, tangled mess. then i'll be a blonde again, instead of having two inch dark roots. it shows me how fast my hair is growing, but it doesn't look good, else.

Now it's wake up and groom time. all the cats are scattered around grooming themselves, oh, even the dog is doing it. Cleaning his face with his paws. I have to get that on video one of these days. it's too dark in here to do it now.

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