Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

he amazes me with that shit.

How anyone can look at the weather right now, with the cold front in the middle of the country in July, and still deny climate change, i just. . . it wobbles the mind.

i have ice cream bars in the freezer. hmmmm. and there are chocolate donuts on the counter. i think i'll wait a couple of hours to eat and make my salmon. maybe i'll make red beans and rice to go with it instead of the broccoli. same prep and cooking time. something to consider.

i had a spectacular idea to drink less coffee. under-sweeten it! then i won't like it as much and won't guzzle it down. and won't want more. so, along with my other moderation measures, it's going well.

i slept last night. not as spuriously as i had the night before.

I was just watering Doc's houseplant in his room, part of my morning chores, and I came out of his room and ran into him . . . and started shaking violently. A remnant of my thieving days. I used to about have a panic attack every time he went back to his room.

much later . . .

Doc took the computer for a few hours. I did not take a nap. I did not drink coffee. I made salmon and red beans and rice. so good. i forgot to put the lemon in it, after all that. but salmon is still on sale, so i'll have another chance.

i'm going to take a nap. any time now. for a couple hours before i wake doc up for work.

the fridge and freezer are FULL. nothing else will fit inside of them. Doc went shopping happy. Since we're not going broke for once. We have so much yummy food. and something in the freezer is finally mine: ice cream bars. i had one. smaller than i remember as a kid, but really good. and they were cheap. so i don't feel bad about getting them.

the amazing thing, he went shopping happy, but he still saved half as much as he spent. i was going over the receipts. he bought everything on clearance or with a coupon and on sale. he amazes me with that shit.

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