Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

I'll try not to fuck it up for him.

The rain graphic on my desktop weather gadget is cool. it smells like hot pavement, dusty cat and wet dog outside. It's 78 degrees out, but to go out is to instantly sweat. I learned the rain just stopped here. The cats are mostly out sniffing around the back yard. Even Simon and Freddie are outside.

I slept. Well, too. I think. I only had one cup of the fresh coffee. then switched to nutrient drink. and water. always water. iced-iced-water. so when i lay down, i was tired. When I fell asleep, I was laying on my stomach on the couch. Chewy was on my back, Evie was at my feet and Simon was along my side. When I woke up, Chewy was at my feet and the rest were gone. I am furniture to them. Warm, cuddly furniture.

Okay. Doc just got done with work. He should be leaving in about 15 minutes, and should be home 15 minutes after that because he has the truck today. Since it was stormy last night and we simply don't trust the news meteorologists anymore, I told him to just take the truck and not bother with the scooter. I don't think he has to go anywhere after work. He's getting water on the way home, that won't take any time.

I got through without him last night. As far as him staying home with me, last night would have been a candidate. But I didn't say anything to him about it and decided to deal myself. Which I did.

WE'RE GETTING AN IKEA!! Finally, the Swedes deem us worthy of assembling our own furniture. in 2016, Ikea will open in the southwest valley. in 2016, I'm getting new furniture. The closest one is in L.A., in California. We don't have a car that would make the drive. The truck might, but I wouldn't chance it and the way that thing goes through gas, we wouldn't be able to afford any furniture once we got there.

Okay, the couch in its "fixed" position is good for sleeping, but nothing else. He pulls the cushion back so far, the wood base of the couch sticks out. It bruises your calves when you sit on the couch and your back when you sit in front of it. I hate this. Oh, well. He's happy. I'll try not to fuck it up for him.

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