Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Why is "Okay" not okay with spell check?

we de-bugged my couch today. plus for sleeping on it tonight. Doc "fixed" the mattress on the futon, pulling the back up. minus for sleeping on it tonight. The butt cushion part I would lay on is too narrow for me and Chewy to fit on at once. this could be a plus for sleeping on it tonight.

Chewy doesn't like sleeping on my bed. He left me and went into the living room today. I still woke up with him pressed into my belly and Simon pressed against my back. The whole bed, and they have to cuddle up against me. When it's hot. Foolish cats.

TV is a void, I think I'll read for a while. "Blood and Gold" is good. It introduces a few new long living vampires, and so far is the story of Marius. So it's a romanticized story set around the fall of Rome. Good stuff. Makes me want to study that for a while. I wonder if has text books. If they have them, Kindle has them and Pirate Bay will have them. Roman history. Especially after the rise of Christianity.

Okay, off to read. Why is "Okay" not okay with spell check?

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