Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

my head!

I was doing so good. no coffee since 8pm last night. when i went to sleep at 2 with still no headache, i was feeling pretty good. i woke up with "The" headache. the "where is my fucking caffeine, you bitch?!?" headache. i heated and gulped a cup of coffee and i've been sipping my second. i've also had a shit ton of water. and aspirin. the three of them together are working nicely and this should be completely gone by the time Doc gets up. so i won't be in a miserable mood.

Bagira just pushed the empty food can off the table. good kitty. make noise. fabulous.

so i slept in my bed. i told doc of my fear of my bedroom and why and told him maybe if i tried to sleep in there while he was home for a while first, it would help me get over my anxiety. that and a xanax and i had a great nap. i think i'll stay up until 11 tonight.

Coffee just finished brewing. mmmmm. headache gone. smokes stuffed. coffee made. ready to send Doc into the world.

The storms never appeared today. the sky out is all blue. i am bitterly disappointed. but there's more coming. more chances. the problem is, we live in a valley, and when storms come in, the mountains around us tend to rip the systems apart. so they don't get to us. Las Vegas is a complicated weather place, though it doesn't seem like it would be.

When I woke up this morning, I was kind of freaking out because it was so late in the morning. so i reached for my pipe. NO more doing that. no more wake-n-bake first thing in the morning, I'm getting too old for that. It's fine after naps, but not big sleeps.

it only made it up to 100 today. So Evie and Bagira are out playing. I have to feed and water them when i'm done here.

my basil was sad this morning. in spite of two waterings yesterday, the heat got to it. i gave it lots more water and it perked up again. i hate to see sad basil. We put the leaves we harvested into an airtight bag and into the freezer, so doc can use it "fresh".

We've kept the animals (Chewy and Vader) in for a couple of days now. we're doing well. Chewy is battling constipation right now, he's not "gone circles" in a couple of days. when i take him out tonight, i hope he goes, even though i have to pick it up. I fed him some American cheese, and he got the runs. then i fed him cheddar, and he got stopped up. Doc's been feeding him bits of cooked chicken fat to loosen him up. and i've trained him to drink water on command. so i've been having him drink a lot of water.

. . . And when i started burping up coffee, i switched to Powerade. I'm listening to my body from now on. I'm taking the cues it gives me. no more of this ignoring shit. First off, i need to see a doctor about a sore on the side of my nose that won't heal. Second, I need to cut the coffee. This sleepless shit is out of hand. I've been doing this too long.

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