Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

fired, I tell you!

okay, my weekend weather lady is fired. so fired. i fire her. she fucked me up and i, in turn fucked doc up. she said that the storms wouldn't start until Tomorrow At Around 11AM. So i sent doc off to work on the scooter. i was just outside because i noticed the wind was picking up so i went to take the laundry off the line and it started Dumping rain down. so doc is stuck at work with his scooter, which is now getting rained on, having to take it home in storms tomorrow morning. GRRRRR.

so i guess i won't be going outside for a cigarette.

i only had one cup of coffee after i woke up. then i stopped.

man. the wind is horrible. i hope this ends by the time doc is off work.

the smell of the rain on the hot pavement outside is coming in through the window. mmmmmmmmmmyummy.

tomorrow's menu is pan-fried salmon with lemon in butter and broccoli and cheese. home made broccoli and cheese. i have to find a recipe tonight. i think i'm going to roast it before i put the cheese sauce on it. i did a search for "broccoli recipes for people who hate broccoli" and one recipe kept popping up with assurances that even the pickiest of eaters had asked for more. oven roasted broccoli. the recipes i found mention garlic and Parmesan cheese, but i'm going to do them with just salt and pepper and olive oil and lemon juice and then make a cheddar cheese sauce to put over it.

"Never keep wine in the car." - Roger

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