Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

woo hoo

i got two solid hours of sleep! i had three to work with, so, not bad. i finally found i was most comfortable on my back, with my hands crossed over my chest and my legs in the "Hanged Man" (Tarot) position. that's a bed-sleep position. i'm going back to bed. maybe. i'm afraid to sleep in my room because it's so quiet. and i feel disconnected from the rest of the house. either way, i found a position to go to sleep in, so i'm pretty happy.

Yay! Gemany won the World Cup! one of my "mother countries".

Awww, the "Elephant Rescue in India Makes Elephant Cry" story is getting coverage on my local news. we have a horrible zoo here. i think it's closed now, no, i don't know. Steve Irwin wanted to come here and remake the zoo over to be a healthy place for animals. then he died. i i won't even go to the zoo here, i've heard horror stories.

wow, i was right, typing in here made the time go really fast. a half an hour has passed with me sitting here, thinking, typing, thinking again. watching the weather, thinking, watching the elephant story, typing. that's cool. i guess that's why i do it when i'm feeling so desperate sometimes.

doc let me have the computer all day today. he was busy running around, doing shit. he went grocery shopping hungry. with a list and an ad. he came home with much yummy stuff. instead of going to Arby's, he got me some Arby's sauce and roast beef and i made a roast beef and cheddar sandwich that blows away anything Arby's could offer me. oh, it was so good. the roast beef was nice and medium rare. and i can make more! i have to get used to asking him for real food instead of fast food.

Okay, Burn Notice is on. I'll watch that until it's time to get Doc up.

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