Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

he and Doc are on a walk right now.

One of the Hawaii episodes of the Brady Bunch is on. I think the first part, oh, Greg just slipped under the waves . . . I hope they play the second part!

Ant-proof bowl, my ass. i should have read more of the reviews. this morning when i went to fill it, the bowl still had some food in it and when i got up close, i saw why, ants were swarmed in it. rarr. so i think i found another one to try. it's twice the price, but it has a water mote under the food.

i didn't sleep last night. i lay there and sulked. sulked about what, i don't know. i just sulked. then, when i gave up at 1:30am and got up, doc wouldn't let me have any coffee. i ranted and raved. then i tried again to sleep. until 5 i lay there. it was horrible. then i got up and got coffee.

oh yay! they ARE playing the second episode of the Hawaii special!

the dog hasn't gotten out for a full day and a half, now. he and Doc are on a walk right now.

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