Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

go me.

and though i am sweating like a pig, i am drinking hot coffee. maybe tomorrow i'll make ice cubes out of coffee so i can have iced coffee. i hate the way regular ice - jesus, i forgot the word - waters it down. dilutes! that's the word! wow, what is wrong with me? i'm not stoned.

Nerds candy added to a slushie? I don't know, Sonic. I think you may have jumped the shark with that one. slushies should be refreshing, not rocky. maybe it's just me. i love Nerds candy. I love slushies. I just don't love them together. I guess if they're in love, who am I to say?

the house behind us has sprinklers up against the wall. the head has come off one of them and it sprays over the back wall and makes this patch of ground all covered with leaves and pine needles all wet. Evie sleeps there during the day when the sprinkler is off.

i found Bagira sleeping in a puddle the hose had left.

But they won't come in to cool off. they will tonight for food. since the ants won't let me keep food out there right now. i don't know what Billy is going to do. he ate today. but tomorrow he'll have to catch himself a lizard or something. maybe go to the vacant house down the street and get a rat. he sits on the front porch of a house down the block, but they don't seem to take care of him, maybe leave food out, he is well fed. o i'm not too worried about him for a couple of days. until the new bowl gets here. doc just sighs. i had some money left over this month. so i spent it on that.

i wonder if we have any chocolate syrup . . . nope. could i put nutella in iced coffee? not without the blender, damn. too much noise. no matter what doc says, that would be heard by him.

Chewy gets so grumpy when he's tired. he won't come to me. he just curls up into a ball and tucks his head under his paw. ah, but Major noticed i wasn't petting anyone. can't have that. when i go outside i get no rest because Bagira and Evie demand my attention. mostly Bagira, who simply must be in my lap. 30lbs of fur, that cat. oy.

Lelu is getting obnoxious about finishing cans of food. she knows that Felix and Simon will clean it out when the food gets difficult to reach. and no, she won't eat it out of a dish. it must be out of the can. Felix and Simon are loving it.

Castle has more funny moments than NCIS. or maybe it's just Nathan Fillion makes me laugh.

okay, coffee is being made for doc. his mug has been scrubbed out and is now drying. nothing bad happened. i just stayed awake. i took a bath.

that means i'll sleep better tonight. why is it that Ambien does nothing to me and TylenolPM puts me out? does that seem right? i have a coupon for Unisom. i want to try that and see if it works because i don't think i need the Tylenol part of it. Zzz-quil tastes nasty, can't do that.

where did this huge bruise on my knee come from? what the fuck did i run into, with such force? I need to stop walking around. or give wider berth to the furniture.

whew! i remembered to turn off the alarm in time for it not to go off. go me.

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