Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i'm seeing double now, time to go to bed.

do i stay up for a while and clean? or do i go to bed really soon and do it tomorrow? i'm not sure where i'm at with it. it's just 30 minutes of work. i could get up and do that before i even wake up. then i'll have no memory of it.

i put the food back out after it rained. all the cats got to eat before the ants honed in on it. i forgot to order that bowl today but i'll do that tomorrow and have it in two days. Amazon Prime's free 2 day shipping seems to be the benefit we use most of.

okay, i took my sleeper, not staying up tonight. Chewy wants to go run around the neighborhood and i won't let him out or even get near the door. it's driving him crazy. he's actually going to have to expend his energy in the house tonight.

Did they run out of pretty people for Big Brother, the show? the new cast is bottom of the barrel. wow. scary stuff, kids. beware CBS commercials.

In one Burger King store, recently. In the middle of SFO's "gay district", during pride week, wrapped their whoppers in rainbow wrappers with an inspiring saying on it. The right wing on Facespace freaked out. There were many comments back pointing out that if one does not do business with those who support gay rights, they had better get off Facespace, who supports LBGTQ rights. the whole thing was hilarious. one store in the whole country did it. that's it. and people freaked. i swear the right loses more of its collective mind each week.

where the hell did the dog go? oh, in front of the sliding glass door. i win, i'm not going back out there tonight.

so, Rick Perry is running in 2016. he has a year and a half to fuck up his life irreparably before the election.

I;m alone, pants are off! time to celebrate by finally getting some good sleep. i'm seeing double now, time to go to bed.

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