Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

the rain is coming!

the trees are blowing. it woke doc up and he asked me to bring his laundry in. as i did that the wind really sped up. i was catching socks instead of taking them down. is it weird that i shake out his socks? when they're air dried, they are stiff, "crunchy", so i shake them out and beat them against the arm of the couch or my leg to soften them up. women seem very strange about this. they wouldn't shake out anyone's socks but their own, etc. and i don't get it.

so it's going to be awful tonight. i may have to lead the dog around the back yard on his leash. he gets really freaked out in high winds. and he hates rain, he thinks it's god's assault on him. the cats deal with the rain better than the dog. though all of them run from the hose.

it's raining!!!!

okay. got some video footage. beautiful, gorgeous rain! i have the blinds open to see it, i keep going outside to smell it, because on the pine and the dirt it smells good. that is so weird. when i pulled the socks down, the sky was blue. i was sure the weather alert was wrong. i shall never doubt again, weather alert.

of course, Chewy wants to go for a walk right now. since it seems like dusk and doc went to bed early, Chewy's clock is off. And he whined at me to pet him today. he's never done that before. he whines a little when he wants to go out, and some in his sleep. But never at me before.

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