Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

okay kitchen. then pictures.

Ants invaded yesterday and took over the cat food. clearly it was in the wrong sort of dish. i found an ant-proof dish i like on amazon, so i'm going to order it.

doc usually goes to bed around 2-3. today he went to bed at 11. i still expect him to sleep until 7:30, i just expect him to be in a good bloody mood when he wakes up.

i was asleep. we put in Monuments Men and i made it about 20 minutes. it was just getting interesting, but i was asleep in no time and it was good sleep, so i'm not sorry.

Billy gave me the "slow blink" today. and held still long enough a few feet from me at just the right angle to get a good look at the sore on his leg. it is now just an ugly scar. he doesn't limp at all. i talked to him while i hung the laundry. and pet Bagira and Simon, who was out for a bit. To show Billy that I'm nice to cats outside. he watched, sneering coolly. i haven't gotten any more pictures of him. He and Bagira hang out together in the back yard on the patio and enjoy the cat grass, which is coming to the end of its life.

We got Vader's collar back, did i mention that? and finally doc talked to our neighbor of two years. Vader's in now but he's been out a couple of times. he's staying out of Sativa's yard.

See, we have no control with the sliding glass door. i tried using the side door in the mudroom and going out through the garage, and Vader snuck out with me and got out through the bars of the door faster than i could even get the mudroom door shut. with the sliding glass door it's even harder, and they know i'm oblivious. sometimes, like this morning Chewy and Vader ganged up on me and Vader won and got out and I spilled my coffee. Today I am at least keeping the dog in. I'm tired of it. I hate punishing him and i'm not doing it right, so there's really no point to it unless i want to emotionally torture him and myself.

my play list has me at its mercy with an impression of a retro radio channel. i'm not going to go into it again today. that must be really boring, all the references to songs. like reading someone else's dreams. it's good to get them out and written while you can remember, but to everyone else they make no sense, the deeper meanings are lost on them. same thing with lists of songs.

we purged my couch of bugs last night and i have no new bites. you may not be able to get rid of them in a houseful of cats without an expensive trip to a hotel or kennel, but you can control them pretty easily. of course they have likely taken over my super-futon while i've been sleeping on the couch.

it's 98 out with 40% humidity. let's see if we actually get enough sun today to take it past 100. 4-5pm is usually our hottest time of the day. it's only 2. i need to water tonight. everything was still moist from the rain and lack of direct sunlight, so i let it go this morning. but not this evening. i'll go out when the sun goes down. then i can put the cat food out, the ants go home at night. stupid insects.

we have mini snickers in the fridge and i can't eat any because of my tooth. i am heartbroken. though he did get me 3 musketeers minis as a consolation prize. nah, if i can't have a cold snickers, i don't want anything sweet but my cola.

i think, and this could just be my paranoia, but i think that doc is reading entries i make in here. so, Hi Doc, i talk about you a lot because you are literally my life. Thanks for coming.

i think when i'm done with Kelli's site, i'm going to make a video slideshow of her art to something by KMFDM or Nitzer Ebb.

i have to go through Evie's photos and import the good ones. she was out for hours, there are 2200 pictures to go through. i'm just not in the mood. maybe i'll go in and clean the kitchen. doc has assured me he can't hear what goes on in the kitchen from his room. so i'm just going to say "fuck it" and clean the kitchen. it needs it. we've been slowly destroying it for the past week.

okay kitchen. then pictures.

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