Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

but no, we would drop dead halfway home.

well then, doc's asleep and i'm alone. the great countdown to 7:30pm begins.

Flash flooding warning for the other side of the valley. i wonder if we'll get anything. that would be cool, to be awake for a rain storm. to have one during the day, so i could see it, would be nice.

Vader's got his collar back. and doc still won't let him out because he got his ass whooped by a 19 year old cat. Sativa is a cat that lives next door and stays in the yard. Vader goes over and tries to play with her, but she will have none of it. she walked into her house yesterday proudly, Vader's collar hanging from her mouth. so he can stay in and practice his cat judo or something.

bah. i was going to take a bath . . . but the tub is half full of drained clean laundry to be wrung out and hung, and at the other end there is a dirty mop that needs rinsing out. the bathroom is next door to doc's room, and the walls are thin. i decided i couldn't do it all without making noise. so i gave up on the bath.

the house smells like cat litter! i cleaned it all out, and it still smells like cat litter. except in the mudroom/cat litter room. it smells springtime fresh in there. that's where i mopped. i think i'll light some incense.

oh my! that's much better. it's a little heavy, but it eradicated the litter box smell. i pride myself on my house not smelling like a litter box. mainly because i can't stomach the smell.

i saw this beautiful black and orange cat today. i've seen him once before in the dark, hanging out here, but i've never seen him in the light. wow, is he beautiful. i want to get a picture of him.

TV Commentary: Pizza Hut is a disease. Bad frozen pizza. Bad.

We have a carpeted cat scratcher/bed/climbing thing that N gave us. it's outside airing out and getting rained on for a couple of days, then i'm going to put it in the dining room. the cats should be ecstatic. Freddie sleeps on the floor where it's going, so she'll have three platforms to choose from to sleep on now. I expect Felix and Vader to take to it as well. maybe even Simon, though he is really attached to sleeping on our current scratchy thing.

I need to go outside. I've got cabin fever, bad.

okay, i remembered that doc didn't have any clean clothes for work, so i hung up what i had already wrung out so it would dry and he would have clothes. the humidity is only 16%, so they should dry without direct sunlight. it's 106 out. they should dry, right? i hope so.

it's dark in here now. the sun is behind the clouds. the blinds are closed. i should open them. it's too early for electric lights. it would jump my system ahead two hours, which would not be good.

gah! everything i need to do makes noise! i guess i'm going to be busy tonight. vacuum, empty and fill dishwasher, laundry. i like to do that stuff when it's light, but i'll do it when he leaves tonight before i go to sleep. that way i can sleep a relaxing, guiltless sleep. and i may wear myself out in the mean time.

maybe i should go out and brush Bagira. I wonder where the wire brush with the safety tips is. hmmm. if i find that, i can go brush the shrubbery out of Bagira's tail. He just doesn't seem to groom it. or he does, and just gets into a lot of stuff.

doc is unhappy with Amazon Prime. He keeps looking up new movies that are just out and they have them, but with a rental fee. Because the movie licenses aren't free yet. But they have music, i still need to surf, and the library. But I don't know if we're going to keep it or just stick to Netflix and maybe a pay channel like HBO so he can get his movie fix. HBO was free a couple of weeks ago and we watched a lot of it. he did, at least.

aha! i made it to the news before the weather's on. i want to see if it's going to rain over here at all, or if the winds are moving the storm west further. we want it to go east. we want some rain water on our basil. the squash, beans, radishes, tomatoes, and peppers got it this morning, but the basil was too far under cover. now i've put it out further so it gets rained on.

9pm-midnight - storms. i'll see what kind of video i can get with the outdoor lighting that we have. the garage door light in the back is pretty bright. and i can get sound, i can get the sound of the rain on the tin shed.

damn, it's hot out there. i was going to take the dog for a walk, but no, we would drop dead halfway home.

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