Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

that would suck.

no music today. the voices are really loud and rowdy and i just took a seroquel to see if it would knock me out and put a stop to this. i was planning on asking for more anti-psychotic, anyway, this just solidifies it. i made doc stay home, and we really can't afford that. he's asleep right now and i'm watching NCIS, USA has come to their senses and started playing it again.

i harvested basil last night. it was flowering. i watched a few videos on how to do it before i went hacking at the plant. but i'm pretty sure i did it right. we'll see if it continues to grow or dies. i gave it extra water today. and did the same with the lantana out back. i think the ones out front are dead. i did poorly with them. they are guaranteed for a year, so i'll find my Lowe's card and go get something else that needs less water and can handle more sun.

i switched from coffee to soda to help me sleep. the coffee was good. i went out of the house for an hour in the heat and doc ran vinegar through the coffee maker. chunks came out (dear god, i originally typed "chinks"). it's typos like that on twitter that will make you famous. or infamous. on twitter. which isn't real.


the sun is trying to fight through the clouds. it may rain again after dark. it got up to 102 today, that's what it is right now. but the humidity is well above the usual 10-14%. it is not comfortable.

i have to go stuff cigarettes before i fall asleep. or i won't have any when i wake up. that would suck.

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