Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


see, no, i don't want to take a bath. i don't particularly want to read and i took a shower this morning.

and i can't sleep. i'm too used to being up right now, now.

so what the fuck do i do? i'm really getting tired of this boredom.

dishwasher soap. that's what doc and i forgot at the store. he called me, and i totally spaced it. he did too.

Here comes Evie. She has claimed Chewy as her own and spends much of her time inside marking him with the glands on her face. he doesn't quite know what to do with this. and she curls up on him when he's sleeping so he ends up wrapped around her. we think she had a dog where she used to live.

Major finally lay down and went to sleep. He stood here and talked to me for about five minutes, no kidding, he will meow that much for that long. then i finally talked him into curling up next to me. he tried hard to get on my lap, but finally decided to lay down, and, being Major, fell asleep.

so the pets are no help to my boredom. they are all asleep. there were fireworks going off earlier, so Simon is in hiding. Lelu is asleep on the kitchen tile. along with any other cats i haven't mentioned.

Aw, Major is grabbing my arm in his sleep. So cute.

OH, Light Of My Life, NCIS is being played all day on USA. they have not forsaken me! which is cool, because Castle isn't on tonight.

doc is sleeping on his couch, and his dreams must be a trip. he's talking in his sleep and moving around a lot and his face looks all concerned. from what he's said, he's talking to me in his dream about all the things he's unhappy with me about. he's actually demanded answers in his sleep, and i've answered him. i should just put my headphones on.

i put my headphones on and turned the TV down so it doesn't bother him. maybe that will make his sleep a bit more peaceful. i want him to be rested because he's going to a party later when he gets up. i'm not invited. i'll just be here comforting the animals. i should dose them all with xanax. no. i would NEVER do that. the only human meds i give them, my vet recommends to me. like pepcid, and benadryl and tums. ALWAYS talk to your vet before giving human meds to an animal.

twitter was a cool fad. it just didn't hold my interest. my news feed on facebook, unfortunately, is much more informative. FB is useless for personal information, but the news places do all right.

the sun so far has fought through the heavy, yet amazingly fluffly clouds, and continues to brighten my day, but as it sets, it's going to lose the battle (note to self: can't type to Erasure, too distracted, must dance).

dance break over . . .

there's a song called "Chicken Bones", i don't know who it's by, look it up on youtube and listen to it, it's so funny. i don't understand the chicken bone reference, i will admit that, but i still find it amusing. and it has a good tune.

i didn't shut the blind today. hm. i guess i didn't care if it was dark in here. now it is, because the sun has lost the fight. the "strom clods" have won (extra points if you know that reference and you aren't Kelli - yes, points are assigned here).

Can type to Nick Cave's "Ship Song". Very soothing. my playlist is all winners tonight. or i'm just in a good and random mood. that could be it. i don't have to go to that party. unless i could take Chewy, there is no way i would go. Just so i had someone to talk to. I don't know any of these people. and any i may know i don't really have anything in common with and they know i'm crazy, so they are all really weird to me. 50 strangers asking me if i'm okay does not sound like a fun night.

when i went to a party two years ago they knew i was crazy but had the tact to treat me like a regular human being. but that was a different crowd. that was at B's old house, actually. that was a way different time. we barely knew him or J. ack.

i made a commitment to the computer and made space for it on my section of the table. in the lap is a very temporary thing, the over heating and all.

i can't actually read these articles on my news feed. i just can't read right now. i can't concentrate. maybe i should go back to TV. that's something to watch and listen to. too bad i can't put my headphones into a jack on the TV. why hasn't anyone ever done that? put a jack on a TV for the audio for headphones. grrrr.

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