Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

getting clean.

i just got up at 5:15am. it's 5:40. i feel beat up. but that's fading fast. i've already been outside for a cigarette and wow! is it humid out there. and some winds came in from Arizona, the air is full of dust. Really, the cityscape pictures the news shows are blank brown from dust covering the valley. not a good start to the 4th. at least we don't have a hurricane to worry about. i'll take having to stay inside all day to power outages and flooding.

doc's been off work for 13 minutes. he should be home in a half an hour. i'm really glad he took the truck last night. the scooter in this wind and dust would be . . . yeah.

i remember 2 years ago they were all but calling for rain on the 4th. it was cool and humid that day. it's going to be 105 today with humidity they won't even tell us the level of. they're afraid that we'll all collectively faint. i'm sure of it.

much later . . .

pizza for the fourth. and beer for doc. a new glass pipe for me. better than fireworks. i'm full and bored and not sleepy at all. i guess it's time to take a bath and read for a while. that's a constructive way of spending my time. getting clean.

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