Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

she answers to nothing

oh man. something i was incredibly worried about turned out to be nothing. i am so relieved.

it's so hot out that the air conditioner, powerful as it is, can't keep it cool in here. it's 87 as i sit in the living room and the a/c has been running for an hour. i finally gave up and turned up the thermostat. we can't afford to keep it running like that, no one can. i'd rather just take off my clothes and get into a cool bath.

the outside cats didn't come home to come in today. We found out Evie has been whoring around with other families. so she's probably inside somewhere. Bagira, fat and hairy as he is, is used to it, and knows to beat on the door when the blinds are closed, so i would hear him if he came home. Felix i'm not worried about, much. i would just feel better if they came home for the hot part of the day.

oh, the guy on Rachel Maddow right now is the guy i read all the time in Huffington Post. neat to finally see what he looks like.

i have a bug bite on my elbow. that is one of the most awkward places to scratch. i guess that's a good thing?

doc was up for an hour. messing with stuff. i put him back to bed. he has to go to work tonight, he's driving me nuts. i love him, but he's driving me nuts. after a few days with just each other, we start to get snarky, and we're to that point. we need a break from each other. 10 hours will do.

"The Book of Mormon" is in town, and it's on all the news channels. we couldn't get tickets. i'm going to get the soundtrack, though. there has to be a decent video of it on the web somewhere. i'll see it.

So, Hobby Lobby isn't covering birth control for women. They still cover Viagra and vasectomies, I see. That's nice of them. The Supreme Court's 5 conservative men make me ill. I hope they all have to retire due to some sort of thing, very soon. I'm tired of them taking our rights away. Congress won't do anything, the President is running rings around them and meanwhile, SCOTUS is slowly stripping women of their rights. And voters. Who's next? that covers most people.

Teeny is getting huge. we're going to have to start calling her by her other name, Tulip. We call her TeenyTulip, she answers to nothing. she's like Vader like that, no acknowledgment of her name at all. She was so small when we adopted her, i never thought she'd grow so much. and she's only a year old. she still has growing to do.

I haven't said much about Simon because he is an angel cat. He doesn't even fight anymore. He goes out every day for five minutes to circle the yard and check things out and then comes right back in. he's entirely too affectionate, if that is possible. he's one of the ones that is constantly in my face and lap and bathroom and couch.

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