Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

all curled up in a tiny ball.

well, i've stayed awake and smoked almost all my pot. in a few minutes i will have smoked all my pot. that leaves me nothing until noon tomorrow. but i have an excuse. i have a migraine and i'm out of imatrex. coffee and a bath and ibuprofen didn't work. pot is my last resort. and if it doesn't work, i'm fucked for tonight and tomorrow.

Felix is growling at everyone and Major is meowing at me. The dog is licking my ear. i love my pets. i don't say that enough. i hope it's obvious through what i write about them.

i haven't taken any pictures of them lately. i haven't taken pictures of anything. and i should be documenting how my plants are sprouting and dying and my other plants are thriving.

wait, i have one picutre:

Chewie's Selfie.

i took one picture for you. just in case you forgot what a crazed dog looks like. i had it on the desktop and doc couldn't handle it. i had to replace it with a picture of Chewy sleeping all curled up in a tiny ball.

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