Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

at least until the sun is up.

i woke at three thirty in a foul mood, but i feel better now. the dog is choking and hacking and dry heaving. i wonder what that's about. i can't get any pepto or tums down him. i'm going to have to give him a pepcid if this keeps up. i hate pilling dogs, they have such long mouths.

but why am i up? why didn't i sleep like the last two nights? Doc. doc was home, doc was up. he made a little bit of noise, the slightest bit. but he changed my TV channel and it totally threw me off. see, i can tell roughly what time it is by the voices i hear on the TV on my channel. i wake up often and can't see any of the clocks without my glasses so it comforts me that i can figure out what is going on by the voices on TV. when he changes the channel, it throws all of that off.

and whatever he's watching gets into my dreams. like today. i asked him about a scene in a movie he was watching that i woke up (or thought i did) for. when i was done, he told me how the scene really went and it was completely different. so it got into my dream and i turned it into something else. something twisted and fucked up, actually.

they're giving a/c tips on the news. next up, fireworks tips. slow news day.

oh, i also woke up because of bedbugs. there were two on my pillow. we killed one and the other got away. this led to a half hour bug search. so i got up. then Chewy found another one on the blanket which i gleefully killed. he hunts them and eats them, i just spray them with alcohol and kill them instantly.

so, now that the couch is bug free, i think i shall finish my sleep. doc is asleep. the cramps are starting again. it's time to go to sleep. at least until the sun is up.

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