Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

maybe he'll stay there and i can sleep alone.

wow, it's four already. and i haven't napped at all today. i haven't smoked much pot, either.

doc finally went to bed. he'll get a solid three hours sleep. i have a feeling he's staying home tonight. three hours isn't long enough to get the sleeper out of his system. he'll wake up dizzy and uncoordinated. i feel really bad for him. he's having a rough time adjusting to his new schedule, and i'm not helping. at least today i stayed up. maybe tomorrow i will, too.

i managed to keep busy. doing stuff around the house that needed to be done. i've run out of stuff, and just gotten out of a long bath.

Castle is on. do i feel like doing anything on the computer? i'm really not tired. i've gotten to an entirely boring point in my book, The Vampire Armand. Anne Rice's descriptions of dying do go on, don't they?

i wrote a little in my paper journal today. i was hoping it would open me up, and the feelings would flow and stop being stopped up. because i know that feelings are there, i'm just not feeling them. they have to be let out. and i don't drop acid anymore.

there, fed Lelu. she's up to two cans a day and dry food. and she's still skinny. i don't get it. it isn't like she gets any exercise. unless you count jumping up on the counter exercise.

all the cats are in that come in. time to close the blinds and lay down for a while. Chewy is asleep in the chair. maybe he'll stay there and i can sleep alone.

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