Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

oooh, i killed an hour.

so, laying down didn't work. Chewy was pissed. i was on my back and he was between my side and my arm with his head on my shoulder, sound asleep. he's curled up in a pouty ball now on the couch. no where near where i sit. i get the message.

when he's been escaping, we've been punishing him with an hour in the cage. it isn't working. so last night we took a different tack. we made him stay off the furniture and basically ignored him for an hour. when doc opened the door and left it open an hour later, Chewy didn't make a move for it. good dog.

Teeny ha become my bestest buddy. she sleeps on the couch with me. she follows me into the bathroom and lays down on the towel while i bathe. she doesn't even mind when i drip bubbles or water on her. she is medium sized now. a year old. not much longer til the teenager phase. she is so full of trouble now, i fear what her terrible twos will bring. the beating of the dog, to be sure. she'll be bigger than him by then. lelu slaps him around, and so does Major. and Evie cuddles with him and nurfles him and cleans his ears and he has no idea how to react to it.

i got some great pictures of Felix and Vader laying together, with their legs intertwined. but unless you know each cat, it's hard to tell which cat is which, so i haven't published them. they are frightfully cute to me and doc, though. one of them is my desktop. it's almost time to change it. i should switch it out with a picture of Chewy. a nice Chewy selfie. since i can't pick up the camera without him getting directly in the lens.

oooh, big closse-up of Chewy. doc will be scared.

oooh, i killed an hour. time to get ready for doc to get up.

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