Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

we're thrilled, as a unit.

ooh, futbol coverage is on CNN, great. /sarcasm. i hate organized sports. i have a very short sighted view of them.

confirmation today that i am not fertile. with the requisite cramps, which i swear are getting worse with age. i know, TMI. tough it out.

where's the dog? oh there he is. trolling the floor for crumbs. and cat vomit. i can't choose everything he eats. sometimes he gets to it before i get to him. no kissing.

i've been sleeping for three days. i haven't been up more than three hours at a time. i'm going for a record right now. i slept through PMS, doc isn't complaining too much.

so, naturally, i have nothing to say. just recounting dreams, which no one wants to read. there is nothing more boring than the random of someone else's dreams. and with all the sleep, the dreams are all consuming.

jesus, i just fed lelu and she's howling for more. she's going to have to wait, she walked away from it.

the coffee maker is working again, inexplicably. we're thrilled, as a unit.

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