Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

so i watered them.

afternoon nap didn't go as planned. so i've taken my sleepers and i'm going to bed soon. this was another dead day.

doc was lamenting i had nothing to do, and i told him i've been dying to go out to my studio. but it's all full of his stuff. so i can't work. he didn't realize that and promised to clean it out. i've got these small canvases and i want to use them. i'm not sure what for yet, but i want to use them. i brought my paints in from the studio so the heat didn't fuck them up. and every time i'm in the kitchen i'm reminded of it because i have three brushes drying in a jar on the sink.

i want to work with sequins. glue them to things. i know i have some teal sequins. i could do a pink and teal thing on one of the canvases, i have about 8 shades of pink.

the cats have already finished their food outside. i hope everyone got to eat. because i'm not feeding them again until tomorrow morning. i gave them fresh water, though. and they have been chewing on the cat grass. it dies so quickly. i want to plant some regular grass in a pot for them and see if they like it as much.

i have three live cilantro plants. barely alive, pale. but alive and struggling. i noticed them today. so i watered them.

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