Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


8 hours sleep with two interruptions! i could cheer. so i woke up at 5. doc gets home around 6:30. so i had to rush around doing my chores. i still have to water the plants and feed the outside cats.

Brian Setzer the cat is no longer Brian Setzer the cat. he is now Billy Idol, the cat. we got a closer look at his scowl and discovered that due to a trick of coloring, it's a sneer. a pure sneer. it's delightful. i can't wait until he trusts me to take more pictures, he really is an attractive cat. beat up looking and filthy, but attractive. we thought about trapping him and getting him to the vet for processing and then freeing him, but the trap would attract every cat in the neighborhood and who knows how many we would trap and traumatize before we got Billy. too much of a chance to take.

stupid Animal Foundation has taken half of all dogs waiting 10 days or more for homes. they are evil. it works, though. people flock to these events looking for the perfect companion. and a lot of them find them.

doc's home. bye.

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