Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

still more . . .

Amazon Prime just added millions of songs to their service. i think we're going to just get rid of Netflix. right now we download so much that we don't use either service, but i'll use the music. and i use the lending library. one book a month. piffle. but the music thing, i will use that constantly. i'm tired of the music i have, time to listen to someone else's play list.

Chewy has found entertainment in chewing on his tail and licking himself. sometimes i wish it were that simple.

Tony the Tree is so scary when it's windy like this. he needs to be trimmed back for the summer winds. something so he stops beating on the house when the wind blows.

it is really windy out there. the walls around the yard protect it a bit so i went out and had a smoke. Bagira expressed to me how happy he was to be back outside.

i turned on Malcom in the Middle on likely the worst episode. maybe i'll stream a movie. this is bullshit. my reliance on tv when we have netflix and amazon prime.

if there was just something to do. i need to hoe. but i can't in this wind. and that is something i feel like doing right now. getting out and working with my hands. seeing progress as i work instead of just seeing all that's left to do like i do on the computer. but not with our sand for soil in 40 mph gusts of wind.

someone emailed me today asking me if i wanted to buy "" from them. um. nope. i don't even know if i want "" i have "net" and that does me fine.

Worst. Episode. Ever. why did i leave it on? news would be better than this crap.

There's a pro-Koch commercial on . . . am i on the right channel? did i go to Fox by mistake? no, this is CNN, what the fuck is going on? I'm so confused.

there was something to do, i filled the dishwasher and made coffee. then i stuffed cigarettes for the night. now i'm bored again. it's almost time for my nap, and i'm not at all tired. and there's the fresh coffee to consider, can i resist that? no. must have some.

ooooh, that is so good. chased with icy cold water. nothing better. not even that first cup of soda in the morning. icy water and fresh coffee. that's where it's at.

i could take a bath, but that would kill an hour and make me stay up the other two, and i would be bored again. maybe i should just read.

ooh, BBC America is playing a different set of Star Trek:TNG. older ones, from the beginning. episodes i haven't seen since college. and i don't want to talk about how many years ago that was, but they were in syndication at the time. the one on now makes me happy. so far. i hope it doesn't go south. but i don't remember it, so it's all good. they are on a planet where love rules and everyone runs everywhere. great planet.

it occurred to me to vacuum, but that would surely wake doc up. no good. bummer, Evie left a pile of fur over by the door. i'll just go pick it up. there.

time for a cigarette! outside or inside? inside. feed the Lelu.

okay, one more cup of coffee, and maybe another cigarette, then i'm going to sleep until it's time to wake doc up. i don't have to do anything but open the blinds and turn on the lights when i get up, so it should be stress free.

who the fuck signed me up for "MyLife"? i got a welcome email. i tried to cancel. i keep getting emails from them. ugh. another social network. maybe it's a facespace thing. no,, it's not a facespace thing, they used my birth name and spelled it wrong.

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