Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i always change my shirt after i pet and cuddle him.

i am utterly bored. i have no idea how i'm going to spend the next two hours before my nap. there is nothing to do except the computer things i need to do. and i can barely stand to write in here, the idea of working on the computer and staring at the screen makes me physically ill.

Major keeps appearing at the side of the couch. some day i'm going to follow him and find out where he goes that he can just do that.

Even the dog is bored. he's laying on his back with his head hanging upside down off the edge of the couch. staring at the tv. Top Gear is the only thing on. and we've seen it a million times.

doc went to bed early. though he wouldn't have entertained me at all, he was watching a movie on the laptop. it's just that it's now so long until i have to get him up for the night. and he should be in a good mood. he's going to get 7 hours sleep today.

Teeny is wearing Fred down. Teeny wants to play with her, and Fred wants nothing to do with it. but she's coming around. she'll play for a couple of minutes before she turns aggro. whereas before, she came on all aggro from the beginning of the confrontation. Teeny is getting huge. her name is going to be ironic very soon.

at last, a hair is bugging me and it isn't one of mine. that is the thing with long hair. it is always shedding. at least mine is. it's always sticking to things it shouldn't and getting wrapped around toes. now that it isn't as curly, it doesn't get wrapped around toes quite as much. but it still gets into everything. and clings to the sides of my shirt, tickling my arms. that is the part i hate. that was the hair that was just bugging me. tickling my arm. but it was a Simon fur. his fur is insidious. i always change my shirt after i pet and cuddle him.

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