Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

some good photographs will do me fine.

i'm about to lay down for my afternoon nap and i thought i'd check in.

i moved my sprouts to a spot that's mostly shady, and i'm hoping they recover. the cilantro is a no hope, as is the oregano, it never sprouted.

doc worked overtime today and i took a hot bath in the cool a/c. i washed my hair, though i'm beginning to wonder if i got all the conditioner out of my roots, they don't look as clean as they should. and since it's straightish now, it really shows when it gets dirty.

they replaced the electrical transformer across the street today. they did it really quickly. and the guy came by to warn me the electricity would be off for a half an hour or so. it was more like 15 minutes. apparently these are not hard things to replace.

i panicked with the thought of lukewarm coffee, but no need. it didn't even cool down while it was off.

i can't seem to set the clock on the coffee maker. the buttons don't seem to respond to my pressing them. but i got all the other clocks in the house set.

i was reading the kindle the whole time the power was out, so i really didn't notice. then i went out to have a cigarette in the wind because of course no vent in the kitchen, and when i came back in, the power was on. i had expected all of the air conditioners in the neighborhood to go on when the power came on, but that didn't happen.

in my hunt for DVD encoders i discovered that Nero doesn't really have competition. nothing serious. nothing that even comes close to what Nero does. granted i don't need most of what it does, but the part i do need seems impossible to find in an efficient program. so i'm back to finding a way to make Nero work. or finding a version that works. before doc loses his patience.

my hair is getting long. the roots have grown in a lot. my hair seems to be growing fast for how undernourished i am. it's thin, no where near as thick as it was before the braiding and the dreads. but i'm happy with it for the first time in my life. i thought i had come to terms with curly hair and resigned myself to it, but i'm so much happier with straighter hair. and i love the blonde. still not thrilled with the streaks. they're still brown.

as always with Anne Rice, i'm learning a lot about history. this time, once again, it's religious history. this time about ancient Russian Christianity. many things i did not know. and i'm learning a lot about the churches in Venice. i must visit them. or find pictures. i don't really see me as the traveling type. some good photographs will do me fine.

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