Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

(you know i say things like that sardonically, right?)

another day awake. i didn't even take a morning nap. and i ate. and i brushed my teeth and hair and showered. twice. yardwork.

so i figure tonight when i lay down i will be tired again, like last night, and i'll have another good night's sleep without drugs. i've stopped drinking coffee for the night.

is there some sort of sporting event on tonight? the people next door are cheering and there is a party across the street. most people don't get this excited about father's day.

i actually used a cell phone and did something today. usually i just talk on the phone. today i took Chewy for a walk while i was talking to Kelli. that's the first time i've ever actually left the house on a cell phone.

I want a Microsoft Surface Pro 3. it's basically a laptop and tablet. a tablet with an attachable keyboard and USB port. and it runs Office. that's what i need. something to write on when i never leave the house. but doc is on the computer all the time. and i mean all the time. if he's awake, we're either doing something together, or he's on the computer and i'm watching TV. TV is crap. when you take reality television out of the equation, there is precious little on. and the only reality TV i watch is Kitchen Nightmares.

Knockiing Law and Order out of the running severely limits my viewing, too. and I don't watch real detective shows. I basically watch anything on BBC America, Castle, NCIS and NCIS:LA. and MSNBC, though not as much of that lately, i've been bored by the news in general. the same shit keeps happening over and over again and i'm just tired of listening to it. one thing Americans do is refuse to learn from history. absolutely refuse. as a nation. by never admitting our mistakes, we never take responsibility and never learn any lessons from anything.

wow, i just got deep there. and i started with TV shows. what a trip, man. (you know i say things like that sardonically, right?).

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