Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

rarr and such

i'm having such a nice day. i'm not even going to let it bother me that my doctor let the prescription company talk him into Trazadone for my sleeper. i can't take that. it's bad. i have a bad, horrible reaction to it. thank doc he checked it at the pharmacy because that isn't the medication that they told me i was getting today when i called yesterday. those people are complete idiots. the only ones who speak english are trainees and cashiers that know nothing and can talk about nothing. and my doctor. fuck it. i'll deal with it tomorrow.

i've had a really good day today. i wore myself out last night and finally went to sleep and slept for 5 hours. i woke up feeling great.

doc is out shopping and then he's coming home and going to sleep. well, drinking and then going to sleep.

happy father's day. i turned on a movie that we were extras in and saw my dad on the tv screen. that was disturbing. if it hadn't been immediately followed by Michael Keaton's appearance, i would have been disturbed. the sceen i was in was cut. which is okay, because it was the 80's and i stood out in the working pittsburgh crowd.

i'm having my first coffee and i've been up and busy for 5 hours now. i won't lay down until after doc does, then i will take a short two hour nap. i want to read. i'm in the middle of the Vampire Armand. I'm loving it, though i'm reading it too fast when i'm too stoned. i'll have to read it again later.

okay, i have to look for an alternative to Nero, i need to encode some online movies to DVD, any program suggestions are welcome. we can find nothing to replace Nero and for some reason no version of it will install on my reloaded laptop. so i'm kind of fucked. i want to make some DVDs for doc. Fargo, the series with Billy Bob Thorton.

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