Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

curl up with the dog and pretend everything is alright.

it was a good day and then it turned into a bad night. doc lost something and thinks, with my past history, that i took it. my project for the night was searching his bathroom for it. i tore that room apart and i couldn't find it. so tomorrow will be a bad day. and i expect there are a lot of bad days to follow behind this.

have i mentioned my cilantro is dead? gone. my rose bush is dead, too. but doc's plants are doing really well. most of what i'm growing is dying. except the purple lantana in front. it's crawling and blooming like crazy.

tonight, i'm taking two tylenol PM and putting my movie on. i'm going to sleep tonight, dammit.

it's windy. it's good that doc took the truck to work. he had to, to be on time, but the wind was an extra reason. it blows him around on the scooter and makes it dangerous in traffic. the car drivers here hate the scooters and want them off the road. they don't get that they are the threat. a scooter or moped is absolutely no threat to a car, even a smart car. one of the bones of contention is that most of the scooter drivers don't have licences or registration for their vehicle. doc does. he even has a motorcycle license. car drivers just need to learn they are not isolated in their little bubbles, they are constantly interacting with people. it's the texting that's the problem.

i'm sad. doc is mad at me. doc is going to stay mad at me. there is nothing i can do about it. time to go to bed. curl up with the dog and pretend everything is alright.

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