Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

have a nice night.

i have to write today. i can't go a day without writing. even if it's a few lines.

everything is about the double murder of the police officers yesterday. fucking sad and pathetic. the killers lay a "Don't Tread on Me" flag and a swastika over one of the dead officers. they said they were starting a revolution. short lived. three dead and a suicide pact in the back of walmart. what a way to go. and the guy was at Bundy ranch. That just figures. and will this further the gun laws? nope. it will be ignored by the NRA. That organization needs to be bombed during a meeting. no, that's not nice, and i don't care. their minds can't be changed, they have to die. that is the only way we're going to get rid of them. and they are the ones with the guns. we're in quite the quagmire, aren't we? drone attacks on rallies and meetings. get it over with.

and it's the Republicans that will call for it. they will realize they have created something out of control and overreact to it like usual. and we'll be rid of the freaks with guns slung over their shoulders like big dildoes. how's that for a mental image?

i had a gun once. it got stolen. i stole it back. then i sold it. no, i didn't do a background check and the gun has likely been used for nefarious purposes by now. but i haven't heard of a mass shooting outside Philly, so i'm not really worried about it. if i still had that gun, doc or i would be dead. or Mike. with Mike it would have been a shootout, he had a rifle all loaded and ready in his room. mine was a big gun, .357, i would have won. but i would be dangerous with a gun. and i'm not a dangerous person. i'm impulsive and i don't think and my conscience doesn't always work, but i'm not dangerous without a gun.

but i could get one. i've never been court ordered to go to a psychiatric hospital, all of my committals have been voluntary. so there is no record of my mental health history. i could pass a background check with no problem. that scares me. considering what i've just told you about me, it scares me to death. because there are a lot of me running around.

Freddie is playing with the fuzzy blue ball and meowing at it. it's the only time she meows. she howls when you pick her up, but doesn't meow except with toys.

Chewy spent the night on the other couch. i got to sleep animal free for a night. it was dreamy. i got to spread out on the couch. now he's up in my face. he just got kicked out of doc's room.

oh, i have to stuff cigarettes. have a nice night.

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