Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

so, doc's at work

Cosmo is on now. I'll watch that and then lay down. that will put me waking up around 3, so i can clean the kitchen and vacuum before he gets home.

i'm afraid. just because of change, not because i'm alone or anything. just the change of it. it scares me and i've already taken my xanax for the day. maybe i'll take one of doc's.

tonight, since there is nothing on TV, i will turn on the Fifth Element. i thought about trying to repeat another movie, but the only other one i'm familiar enough with is the Princess Bride, and i think that's too mellow for sleep. i like the stimulation of the music and the gun fights and explosions.

will the cats stay in tonight? or will they all start meowing at 11 like last night? i vote for meowing.

i put the cam on Chewy as i took him for a walk today. it should be boring footage. if i could figure out how to make it shake less, i could run the video and get some really cool stuff. i'll work on that tomorrow. i can't make the collar too tight, the camera falls off. but too loose, and it bounces around. i want more video footage to work with for Circus Catimus' youtube channel. the photo montages are great, i love them, but video would be better.

my hair is clean. that is so rare. i love touching it. you'd think i'd like this feeling enough to wash it more often. and it's not nearly the pain in the ass when it was thicker and curlier and not layered. now it combs out no problem after i condition it. which reminds me, i'm out of conditioner. actually, i have some in the bottom of the bottles that i just have to figure out how to get out. both have pump lids, so i can't just turn them upside down. or maybe i can. it will take clever balance, but i'll get the rest of my conditioner.

i got a new pumice stone. my feet are so happy. they are so clean. the dead skin accumulates dirt so they stay dirty looking even after i shower or bathe. pumice stone fixes that. gets rid of all the dead skin. now i just have to figure out how to bleach my elbows. i'm tired of people asking what happened to them because the darkness looks like bruises. i pinned an article on home remedies the other day, and i'll try some of those. they do anal bleaching, why can't they do elbow bleaching?

have aliens been here and decided we are too hopeless to save? does their Prime Directive stop them from letting us slowly destroy each other? these are things i wonder.

there's a company here called Sol-Up that is looking to replace electric bills with solar power. i think this is a wonderful idea. i wish we could put solar panels on the roof. it's not tiled, it's shingled and nearly flat. it would be perfect for solar panels. there are no trees to block the roof. a girl can dream.

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