Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

some declarations

There should be no such thing as jumping spiders. 8 legs is enough, jumping is not needed. There should be a jumping spider plague.

I hate when gnats get into my coffee. On a related note, we have a gnat problem.

lelu needs to be brushed. i petted her today and so much fur came off, it was sad.

okay, enough declarations. i think. i may think of more. i'm feeling demanding tonight. i'm feeling something. the alarm woke me up, which is never a good thing, and once again, my last thought before waking up to it was that it was my parent's alarm and i had to get rid of it. so i woke up in a full on anxiety attack, because if my parent's alarm is going off, then i'm in their house. and life is not what i think. and this is what i wake up with. freaking out over it.

so i took one of my precious xanax and i'm waiting it out. doc has gone to work. he starts his new schedule on sunday, 9 to 5:30. that's going to fuck my schedule all up. he's prepared for it to fuck his up, i'm not.

it's nice outside. if we had the futons set up, i would totally brave the spiders and sleep out there. it's that nice. it will get chillier in the morning, but i could take a blanket. we've got to get that futon set up. that will happen eventually. when we have the money to spend. doc worked a bunch of overtime and we're using all the money to pay up our bills current.

i'm waiting for the dog to get home so i can go back to sleep. i don't know whether to put my movie on or not. i guess i will. it's better than infomercials waking me up. and i'm still learning Romanian watching it with the subtitles. some things aren't as fun to say, some things are more fun.

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