Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

oregano gives it a nice mellow flavor.

i got up and watered. while i was having my morning smoke. i have to do the cat stuff. and i'll vacuum just for shits and giggles.

doc needs to clean off the dining room table. it is completely obliterated by his clothes and junk. it is driving me crazy. i put up with the non-stop paper towel recycling (don't ask, yes it really happens) and the recycling of everything we discard but the table i want cleaned off. he has a dresser to clutter up. i'm getting strict today.

i have to hoe. i am putting it off. i shouldn't be. it's still cool outside, it would be a perfect time. i'm just so tired from sleeping all day yesterday. oh, meds, gotta take the meds.

they finally filled my xanax script. i've been taking left over valium the past few days, and it just doesn't do it for me. it doesn't calm my heart down like xanax does. my heart tends to pound a lot when i'm having and attack. it chokes me.

why are Major and Vader fighting? more to the point, why is Major cornering Vader? this is most unusual. i need to go break this up. i don't like this at all. bad fighting kitties. i gave everyone pets and treats and diffused the situation.

yesterday, during the hottest part of the day, i managed to get all the cats inside. even Bagira. that made me feel better. there's an excessive heat watch (over 107) for the weekend, it's really important that i get them in then. i don't think it will be a problem. Bagira is the only one who won't come in and he never leaves the yard, he's easy enough to catch.

i can't get enough nicotine today. i've been up for 45 minutes and had two cigarettes and i want another. it must be the coffee. some mornings, my coffee makes me crave cigarettes. this must be one of those mornings.

my cilantro is dying. oh, now the weather lady is saying to bring in the plants over the weekend. okay, can do.

ack, achoo, bless me. achoo. achoo. achoo. achoo. how many until my heart stops? achoo. damn ozone. it comes with the heat. the sun radiates down and the ozone radiates up and somewhere in the middle i sneeze.

i shouldn't feel better after a cigarette than i do before one, but i do. my head feels clear. maybe it was just the sitting outside that did it.

three more hours before doc gets home. i could sleep but i'd have to move four cats and a dog to do it. i just don't have the heart. they all look so peaceful curled up together. no one fighting. i have to feed lelu. her special food. we got her a new flavor yesterday and she took right to it. which is a relief because she is so picky. we ran out of food yesterday, and she sat in the kitchen and howled, i'm sure quite unable to hear herself. i gave her a bunch of treats until she bit my finger. she gets a little stimulated with treats. a little over-stimulated.

i had no idea we had people being held in Afghanistan. Bowe, had no clue he was there. The couple that was taken two years ago, had no idea that they were there.

oh, doc got out of work early. there, i just called the doctor. i've been hounding the receptionist about the paperwork, when she really has no control over it. but doc insists i call every day. and yesterday's call didn't log, so he thought i was lying about calling. it didn't log a call to kelli, either, so i don't know what's up with it. the phone is old and decrepit. i don't know if SafeLink provides new phones after a while or what.

my oregano seeds dried out. i tried to save them today by soaking them. hopefully those will work out because i simply love oregano, but i don't like it dried, i like it fresh. i'm the same way with basil. can't stand the dried stuff. i'll use it to season if i have to, i'm not a savage, but if i can have fresh . . .

plus, if i get a fresh batch of oregano, i'll make spanikopita. you're supposed to make it with rosemary, but i don't like rosemary. oregano gives it a nice mellow flavor.

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