Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

reason to stay up

i'm staying up until at least 8. maybe 9. or 10 and i'll only lay down for 45 minutes. i don't know. it depends if NCIS is on tonight. being awake is wanting to be stoned, so i don't want to be awake. soon i will be able to stay up and be sober.

i talked to kelli today. i'm glad i called her. she was on her way out with her sister, but i gave her someone else to vent to.

doc bought a Barbara Streisand record the other day at Epic Thrift and put it up on the desk looking at the couch. it haunts me. it's lit up by a section of red rope light. eerie.

since it gets dark so late, it seems like doc goes to bed so early. i'm not used to having so much daylight to myself. and i think i can only sleep in the day in the early afternoon, not at sunset. so i have to wait until it's dark before i can lay down if i have any hope of doing more than just laying there listening to the TV.

why must the cats ALL claw at the new couch? i'm going to boil and pickle them. i don't really sit on the new couch. for the first week it was because it was my "girl time" and i was afraid of having an accident on it. now, i'm just afraid of getting it dirty. i tend to get dirty, going outside and being barefoot and such.

it's nice outside. it didn't get too hot today. it's 97 now. with just a hint of breeze. the cats are wandering around the yard, chasing bugs and doing cat things.

Yay, not only is NCIS on, it's an episode i haven't seen yet. oh, wait . . . maybe i have. who cares, reason to stay up.

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