Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i just wasn't in the mood.

i can't go to sleep. i probably could if i lay down, but i can't. i have to stay up part of the day. there's nothing really for me to do. everything is tidied, cleaned, scrubbed. fed, scooped, watered. should i read? i guess i should. i'm reading this book so quickly i'm forgetting things. i'm going to have to reread it.

wow, the new lipstick colors are really bad. neon. ew. i'm glad i don't wear cosmetics.

major just figured out i'm not busy (being on the computer doesn't count as busy to him) so he's meowing and pawing at me. there he goes, off to bathe Teeny. that will keep them busy for fifteen minutes.

the dog likes the new velvet pillow. he's started sleeping exclusively on it. it's so cute. he matches the pillow perfectly.

i napped all day and doc stayed up. he enjoys his quiet time alone. and i'm bored, so i sleep. usually from noon to four. i sleep a lot all of a sudden. i was laying awake, and tossing and turning, now i'm sleeping. and having REM sleep without waking up after each dream. so i get relaxing sleep, that is also refreshing. i mean, my body is tired right now, but my mind is wide awake.

i wouldn't be on the computer, else.

i think i'm going to go twitter for a while. i did today for an hour or so. i didn't read many articles, they were all too morbid for me. i just wasn't in the mood.

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