Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

how lazy am i?

there's a glare on my tv from the sliding glass door. and there's a glare on the computer from the window behind me. i'm not meant to see technology today. at least this morning.

doc and i slept on the couches last night. i woke up to find he had put on the Fifth Element for me and hooked up the speakers. i woke up at 2 when the computer overheated. i stayed up for a while and let it cool down and then set it back up. when he left this morning, he turned the movie back on. how sweet is that?

it makes up for the fourth time he has left me with an empty coffee carafe for the fourth time this week. this, i have just accepted as part of him. i try to be proactive about the coffee and prep the next pot when the first pot is done brewing. he is not so proactive. occasionally he will clean out the grounds basket for me. that's always nice.

i'm getting really tired of this keyboard. now the "a" and "s" aren't striking. i'm about ready to hook up a USB keyboard to this bad boy and skip the issues all together. another thing dangling off my laptop. perfection.

the airport is loud. we didn't notice it the first year we were here because we were just so glad to get rid of the highway noises. now we notice that every plane that lands (about every ten minutes), comes thundering in, rocking the world we live in. it freaks doc out. i'm more freaked out by the constant helicopters going to the grand canyon, they have their own thunder. which you wouldn't think, as high up as they are.

our lease is up at the end of the month and we're trying to guess if they are going to raise our rent again. too much and we're fucked. another $50 we can handle. that's what they did last year. and started charging us for trash pick-up. which we barely use. we use the recycling pickup. we have a full trash bag once every two weeks.

i have to go out and do the watering before it gets too late. i'm sure there's something in the kitchen that needs to be cleaned, too. doc cooked in there yesterday, there must be a pan or something to scrub. i could vacuum again. Evie left furballs over where i stuff my cigarettes. i can either pick them up by hand, or vacuum them up. how lazy am i?

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