Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

have a nice day

my email inbox is full. and i just went through it and cleaned it out and it' still full. newsletters on web design and photography i need to read, mainly. then there are other little things like the reminder to pay for i'll do that today. end those emails for another year.

the last two 100+ days have taken a toll on my garden. i plan to spend some serious time out there today watering. my poor wilted plants. and i'm going to move some to a shadier area.

can you believe it . . . i'm out of lighters. and lighter fluid. until doc gets home. in hours. uh-huh. i haven't found any matches, either. i will once i am desperate enough for a cigarette.

we had heavy cloud cover yesterday, and it still got to 105. what if there had been no clouds? what kind of hell would it have been? it's too early. there was no transition. 50 to 105 in a week is not cool, man. i'm ready for it now. i've stolen doc's boxer shorts and gotten my tank tops out.

and i smell. i slept under a blanket and many animals last night. i sweat it out, i tell you. i think i'll wash the futon cover this weekend.

doc has this theory that the bedbugs hitch rides with the cats. an idea i have fought because i don't want the cats to be scapegoats. but Major was on my pillow last night and i killed 5 bugs in that time. and i hadn't seen one for days. so the cats are getting alcohol baths. this should be pleasant. stupid bedbugs.

Major is carrying around his green mousie in his mouth. it's so cute. big, fat cat with this little green mouse sticking out of his mouth. or dangling by its tail from his fangs. i like that sentence better.

i still haven't gone back to that poetry site. i still need to judge two contests i hosted and give out the points. i'm just not interested in the computer recently. the most patience i have is to write in here. then i'm done with it. i have no idea what my opinions are on anything going on on the news because i haven't read the liberal rags.

speaking of being done with the computer, i'm done. have a nice day.

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