Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

do i want coffee?

turn out i did. hard to find a time when i don't.

i went to bed early last night, 1:30. i had my movie all set up to play and was oriented on the couch in the direction i like, cuddling the dog and a couple of cats, all set to sleep until 7 or so.

at 5:19 doc called. it took me a minute to figure out what the fuck the ringer of my phone was, and by that time i had missed the call. so i called him back because he never calls on his breaks. he just wanted to talk. ack. weirdness. he must be having a good day. so, now, of course, i'm wide awake.

and i have so little to do. i'm going back to sleep at some point. when i'm not wide awake. likely after doc gets home at 11.

Freddie is tangled up in the laptop wires. i always laugh to myself when i see a laptop sitting without any wires on a tv show. mine has more than my desktop did, i think.

i have my trackball, the network wire, the power wire, the USB hub with about a million things hooked up to it.

aside from the cilantro incident, the plants are all doing well. the pepper plant dealt with the 105 degrees yesterday than i thought it would be. except for the rose bush, i think i'm going to lose that. oh well. better the tiny dead one than the huge dead one it replaced. i should clean all that out and plant wildflowers over there. that would be pretty. if i have enough seeds, i definitely will.

doc keeps parking the truck further up on the gravel. and our recycling bins are out front, blocked by the Rodeo. we are so white trash. we have a couch on our porch. i mean, really.

i finally remembered to run the dishwasher before it got hot. it's only 80 out right now. i can finally get the kitchen clean.

i've played with my laptop bag and realized i will have to keep my rucksack with me to keep the trackball and the power cable in. it would be nice if i could make my wifi work. windows won't let me set up a wireless network, even though i have a wireless lan installed. what kind of sense does that make? i ask you.

so incredibly sad about Maya Angelou. I read she had an unknown illness over the weekend and got a really bad feeling about it. tragic. she will always be such an inspiration and source of strength for millions. her words and ideas are never over my head, i love her work because even though i'm a white woman, i can relate to it. especially after the spring of racism against cydniey.

so, i warned it was coming. i said in a year, doc said 5. they've started local legislation to fast track recreational marijuana use in las vegas. they can't resist the tax revenue coming in to colorado and we need money for schools like wow. so the taxes could go to schools, they say. i'm all for it. i'll be voting for that one if the legislature doesn't pass it. which i can't see them not doing, there are big money signs in all their eyes and that's all they see.

and gay marriage bans are coming under local fire. those will be gone soon. you can come to vegas for your gay wedding and toast with a bong. this will be heaven. we will be rich, as a community. and we're not doing too badly now. our roads are wide and smooth, traffic concerns are addressed immediately. we even put decorations on the freeway walls and overpasses. we are outrageous.

Freddie is now bouncing from one end of the new couch to the other. and there goes Teeny to attack her. Teeny Will get Freddie to play with her. it's just going to take some time. Teeny is now looking at me like I owe her something. she freaks me out sometimes.

i should go feed lelu. she's eating two cans a day. is that healthy? the small cans. we tried to get her the organic super food but she wouldn't eat it. we had to switch to junk food - Fiskies. that gets her to take her cosequin which allows her to jump up on the counter and get in trouble. we were at war yesterday over the counter. every time i looked into or went into the kitchen, she was laying on the counter. she knows better than that. she's no kitten.

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