Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


the pepper plant snapped back perfectly. oh, that was a scare. the cilantro is unhealthy, i think if it gets more shade it will do better. the squash buds are just huge and all transplanted flowers continue to live and thrive. i'm gardening! and there were two dragon flies playing in the radish sprouts today while i was out hanging out with the outdoor cats. now that it's not cold, they will only come in in the heat of the day. it has stopped the peeing on the rug problem, and we feed and water the strays, so there's always food and fresh water out there for them.

mostly they don't leave the yard. even Vader's wanderings have nearly stopped. i think because it's too hot for them to run around, they just lounge in the shade in the yard.

time is going fast today. that's a nice thing. i think i need to empty the dishwasher, wait, no i don't. we forgot to run it last night after it cooled down. oops.

fishy fishy fish . . . i was just in the fridge to get lelu's food out and fishy fishy fish. he'll cook that today. i'm sure.

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